Can we Build Lean Creative Companies?


it’s day two in Malmo and this morning after my keynote yesterday, I’ll be facilitating a workshop on building Lean Creative organisations.

The workshop is designed specifically at creatives who are building businesses in the creative sector; games developers, graphic designers, film makers or producers.

Using Lean Startup methods; build, measure, learn, and customer development techniques, the session will equip creatives to better understand their product, their target market, gain more customers and keep them for life. It will give them the tools to ask the right questions; to discover who and where your market is and how to build a product your customers really want.

The workshop will focus on your business idea, addressing three key questions:

1. Do I have a problem worth solving?

2. Is there a market for my service/product?

3. How do I find and keep my customers?

This session will help clarify

– What is your business
– What is your product
– How to test your ideas before you build and launch

Participants will be introduced to Lean Startup tools they can put to work for their business straight away.

I am very excited to share and explore building lean creative businesses with such a diverse range of professionals.

It’s going to be an amazing day.

Thanks to Heidi from Media Evolution for organising this event as part of the BUFF Film Festival.

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