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The Lean Startup Suite

Lean for Games. Lecture

Developing games costs money and time. How can creatives, developers and content producers use lean startup principles to define their product, test their market and build community. Could building a ”minimum viable game” give you access to information you need to know now. What about monetization and finance, could using lean lessen the risk and prove you have developed something worthwhile and valuable, while costing you a whole  lot less?
This discussion will look at how games companies and content developers can apply lean startup principles to develop their business and to get to market with a product users really want.
Lean for Games. Workshop 
Games company teams and founders. Games companies are invited to participate in this workshops where we will look at how Lean startup can be applied to their games business.
I have an idea! Lecture
Does your business idea suck or has it real potential?

Every day millions of businesses are started all over the world. Unfortunately, many new enterprises fail in the first year of life. This seminar will discuss Lean approaches to starting your business. What if you could test your business idea, find customers and validate your product earlier, at low cost and at less risk?
This talk will ask questions like:
Do I have a problem worth solving?
Is there a market for what I do?
Have I created a product people really want?
How do I minimise risk?
How can I make money?
I have an idea! Workshop 

Startups or individuals with new business ideas are invited to participate in this workshop where we will look at how Lean startup principles can be applied to your business idea.

Growth Hacking Suite 

 Smart Social Media Tactics For Growth. Workshop

This intensive two day workshop focuses on the strategy and business benefits of optimising your online presence by using social media as a development and promotional tool and as a sales platform for your services. Most importantly, it will ask questions like:
Who is your customer?
Who is your target market?
What do you want your users to do NEXT, after they connect with you?

What you will learn:
How to grow your community


Email Marketing for increased leads, conversions and sales. Workshop

Word on the street says email is dead. But this course will teach you that email is alive and kicking and worth more to your business than ever before!

The session will teach you how to target your customers, build your email database, what to write, how to design your campaigns and how to bring your rabid fan base back to you again and again. Even better, this community belongs to you, not Facebook or any other third party platform. What’s not to like!

Come along and create effective sales campaigns that drive traffic, increase conversion and grow your bottom line.


Entrepreneurship Suite

Creative Entrepreneurship. Workshop

This workshop will delve into creative possibilities for artists and makers who wish to look at new business models to sustain their creative practice. This session will teach you how to build your profile, increase your network reach and promote your business. Most importantly, it will ask questions like:

Do I have a problem worth solving?
Is there a market for my work?
How do I finance it?
How do I monetise my product?
Who is my customer?

Examples and case studies will be used throughout to illustrate best practice with lots of engagement from participants.



“Mary kindly made a presentation to our MBA Class which was truly wonderful, insightful, informative and challenging. Mary is a great source of information and motivation and well worth keeping in contact with. Thanks Mary”

Niall Wall, Director at Language Institute of Ireland Ltd

“Mary was a pleasure to deal with and was very involved in what the participants wanted to get from this course. It ran over two days, covering all aspects of social media. It was delivered very well and we had full attendance on both days. Feedback from the participants was excellent included below”

“Excellent delivery”

“Great knowledge of the material, Mary was absolutely excellent. She has excellent communication skills. She gets her message across very clearly. She is very approachable and helpful. Thanks Mary. Continue to do what you do so well”.

“Mary is an excellent tutor and really delivered the course well.
Mary answered loads of questions that I have had for ages”.

“Great information. Really made me think about new ways to target customers. Mary’s presentation on the whole was excellent and looking forward to the next one”

Louise Fortune, Manager, Craft Granary

“Mary is a dynamic, articulate and very motivated professional. She is motivated to work hard as part of a team and has excellent communication and networking skills. She has the ability to motivate participation in others. I would highly recommend her as a bright, dynamic professional and she is an excellent team leader as she is supportive of her peers and inspires confidence in others”

– Elma O’Sullivan, Administrator / Artists’ Liaison, National Sculpture Factory, Cork.


“Mary was fantastic, totally engaged with the class. Everyone was included. We learned an awful lot and it was fun!!

We were all buzzing after the class. Thanks for introducing us to this great lady”

Marie L, Email Marketing Student

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