Rules for life, Nan’s way.


Taking a walk this morning, thinking about my plans for the day, I came across this little gem. Made me smile and forget the to-do lit while enjoying a mug of their finest brew. Nothing like grabbing your customer’s attention and reminding them about what’s really important.

The lovely thing about this sign, is it marks the entry to a newly opened café in my neighbourhood. With a marketing strategy like this, I know they will go far. What a brilliant way to introduce themselves to the world.

It got me thinking; how do you announce your presence to the world and grab your users attention, enough to stop them in their tracks? Maybe we should all take a lesson from the folks at Nan’s café. And their coffee rocks too :)

Image (c) Mary Carty


  1. Aisling

    July 4, 2013 @ 2:17 pm

    I love this too. All those action words make it sound like you’re achieving lots while simply chilling out! Perfect mantra.

  2. Mary Carty

    July 4, 2013 @ 2:19 pm

    Thanks Aisling. I’ve just printed it out and stuck it on my office wall. Good reminder to keep front and central!

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