Internet Trends at the end of 2012


Fascinating round up of internet trends at the end of 2012 by KPCB. My favourite slide has to be

“Easier for consumers to get what they want when they want. Easier for crafty and flexible people to make money”

Looking at this presentation it is easy to see that there is huge potential in this industry, in fact, in every industry. The levels of smartphone adoption is staggering, so is the level of internet use in emerging economies. Looking at how Waze has disrupted the sale of satellite navigation devices, for example, is a lesson that everything is up for grabs. Instagram and Facebook have redefined and reimagined new ways of engaging with users and solving every day problems at a click of a button.

Three things to remember

1. The internet provides huge potential market along with smart ways to convert them to users
2. Smart companies disrupt and give users what they really want now
3. Design is very important. Connectivity, great design and ease of use makes your product/service a winner.

Top 3 takeaways

1. Everything is being re-imagined, from health care, to learning and services
2. We now have an “Asset Light” Generation – hand held devices help users carry out daily tasks and services at a press of a button.
3. Everything is shared
4. Global internet use is driven by emerging markets.

It’s all about the opportunity folks!

What do you think the next key trends are for 2013?