Inspiration Friday: Hear, Feel, See.




My brother is severe-to-profoundly deaf, which means he has difficulty hearing what the rest of us take for granted, even with a hearing aid. As a kid, I always wondered how he is such a great dancer with amazing rhythm! Of all the people in the world, he inspires me every day and is an amazing person.

Listening to this beautiful documentary from the RTE DoconOne team, gave me an insight into being deaf and making music. It would have answered a few questions for me had I heard it as a kid!

“Hear, Feel, See.”  follows Shauna Farrell Hathaway a drummer with The Lost and Found Sound Assembly who is profoundly deaf.

“Shauna …takes us on a personal journey through sound, as she and the rest of The Lost and Found Sound Assembly find the materials that will form their musical machine and prepare for their first public performance”

Yes, it’s a joy. Happy Friday everyone.

Image (c) RTEDoconOne