A love letter to Tate.org.uk


Really brilliant post from Ben Davis of eConsultancy today showing how three premier Art Galleries in the UK, Royal Academy, Tate and National Gallery, fare on their website design, engagement and content. Winner by a country mile was the Tate. As Ben notes;

I started writing this post intending to look at some big-hitting art gallery websites and pick out best practice.

The aim was to turn you content marketers green by showing you websites for juicy organisations whose very ethos has always been content, form, learning, information, and which are now trying to adapt and evolve to make some money, too (outside of entry fees and patronage).

You can see this as the exact reversal of, for example, a marketing agency, which stereotypically has always been trying to sell through its website and is now getting its collective head around the idea of information, learning and content as the very top of the sales funnel.

You can read the rest of the article here. Great job eConsultancy!